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Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
The Fountain

Aromatherapy and Unani Medicine (Greco-Arabic Medicine): Scope and Application

Every essential oil gets its uniqueness not just due to one of its components but because of its delicate and complex admixture. The individual perfume and therapeutic value of each essential oil de read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
Nuh Yilmaz

Beware: Radiation!

Radiation, which refers to emissions of light or particles, is a type of energy transfer. Radiation takes place at any given moment in the environment or the body. Among sources of radiation to which ... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
The Fountain

The Powerful Elite and the Challenge of Truth

Question: Why are the elite having difficulty in accepting truths? Answer: In every period of history, as well as today, there exists an oligarchical minority who try to suppress people who think dif... read more..

Issue 126 (Nov - Dec 2018)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 126)

Biggest extinction in Earth’s history caused by global warming—and how it could happen again Penn JL et al. Temperature-dependent hypoxia explains biogeography and severity of end-Permian marine mass... read more..

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