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Issue 130 (July - Aug 2019)
Omer Kuru

Atheism or Theism: The Never-Ending Debate

Atheism or Theism: The Perspective of Said Nursi, Wipf & StocksBy Hakan Gok20189781532646799 The existence of God has been long debated in philosophical circles. Mankind doesn’t seem to have sett... read more..

Issue 130 (July - Aug 2019)
Hikmet Isik

Having Bad Opinion of Others: A Disease to Topple a Person

Question: Is having bad opinion of others actually self-inflicting? Answer:  “When you hear a man say, ‘The people are ruined,’ he himself is the most ruined of them all.”[1] Since this blessed state... read more..

Issue 130 (July - Aug 2019)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 130)

The hottest month on record for the planet Global Climate Report. NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information ( July 2019. It’s summer, and it is hot out there; but... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
The Fountain

Editorial: Finding Inner Peace

Our society is one that is filled to the brim with a constant overload of information from advertisements, social media, and work details. It is imperative for our mental and spiritual health that we ... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Inner Decay and Ways to Heal

There is anticipation in the air. People from all walks of life are vigilant, waiting for a ray of light to shine upon them. Their eyes are fixed on the horizon, expecting the rise of a “true dawn,” a... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Ali Kaya

Everything About Pi

It was finally the weekend! After my long mathematics presentation, I came home to watch my favorite tv show, Person of Interest, to de-stress. Surprisingly, the episode was about the most famous math... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Lawrence Brazier

Work Received: Spiritual Peace And Thereafter

Serge and I were buddies. Our interests were largely similar. We were both interested in Oriental mysticism, travel literature, art, architecture, and ceramics.  “The mystical part about making pots ... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Irfan Yilmaz

The Hummingbird: Small in Size, Great in Art

Research on hummingbirds (also known as nectar birds or Colibris), the smallest of the 9,800 bird species living today, has revealed remarkable facts. The world’s smallest birds are equipped with mind... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Felix Kaiza

Joseph: Palace slave who chose jail to crime

Isn’t it strange, but also vividly true, that sunk in the deepest agony, some people lose their faith in God, the absolute sustainer? And yet others do exactly the same at the height of utmost pleasur... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Chris Wheeler


We woke at the thud, panicked. My wife and I had been dozing in bed, squeezing the last seconds of sleep out of our pillows before the inevitable onslaught of little people. It’s something of a delic... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Knowledge of God (Ma‘rifa)

Ma'rifa is a special knowledge that is acquired through reflective thought, sincere endeavor, using one’s conscience and inquiring into one’s inner world. It is different from (scientific) knowledge (... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Ibrahim B. Syed

Spider Silks

The parable of those who take to them other than God for guardians (to entrust their affairs to) is like a spider: it has made for itself a house, and surely the frailest of houses is the spider's h read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Celine Dan Tam Nguyen

Grateful for A Soldier’s War

She stood at the edge of the abyss, the blinding darkness engulfing her, enticing her. It would be easy to let go, to wither away and join him. Her arms felt numb, and her powerful legs were weak. Vio... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Irfan Yilmaz

Dental Care with Miswak

We all may appreciate the difference between the positive impact made by a smile of pearly-white teeth and the repulsion triggered by yellowed and blackened rotten teeth, but the health issues run muc... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
Hikmet Isik

Real Freedom

Question: “There is no greater title and position than servanthood to God. Even if there is, it must be freedom, which is actually another dimension of this servanthood.” In our age when everybody tal... read more..

Issue 131 (Sep - Oct 2019)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 131)

Smart prosthetic hand combines both human and robot control Zhuang et al. Shared human–robot proportional control of a dexterous myoelectric prosthesis. Nature Machine Intelligence, September 2019. ... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 132): Compassion and Healing

The presence or lack of compassion in our speech and actions can have a profound impact upon the people and natural world that surrounds us. Compassion can soften hearts and bring people together to s... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen

So Others May Live

The real, profound worth of life is revealed when one’s life is dedicated to the well-being of humanity. It thus gains an otherworldly dimension and attains a quality comparable to that of the dweller... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Didem Fırtına

Let There Be Light!: Bioluminescence in Marine Life

His exalted name, “Light,” touches the darknessand everywhere is filled with light.The letters written from a brilliant worldare revealed to the hearts;Then the Divine command,“Read in the name of y read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Tushar A. Gandhi

Mohandas Gandhi: A Leader Who Never Lead

Only he can be a leader who never loses hope. Bapu Ke Ashirwad February 12, 1946 What could be a more accurate, and simpler, definition of a leader than this? Bapu – more commonly known as Mohand read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Ali Kaya

A Mathematical Journey of Thinking

The single biggest problem regarding mathematics and the sciences is motivating younger students to study them. While the United States excels at welcoming people from all over the world to travel to... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Salih Aykac

Water, the Power of Positivity, and Education

I have recently been very intrigued about moods, specifically how our moods biologically change. The processes behind why we get happy, sad, or angry are integral to our existence, and having some ins... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Rumeysa Eren

Sea Snail’s Teeth: Are They the Strongest Biomaterials in the World?

The teeth of a tiny mollusk (Patella vulgata), which is a species of sea snails, have been found to be some of the strongest biomaterials in the world. Also known as limpets, these mollusks are a very... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Gaye Brown

At Least

As I wheeled Chris off the elevator, he was quieter than the day before, definitely not in the mood for pranks.  He didn’t complain—my husband never complained—yet he clearly wasn’t feeling as well. ... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Annihilation in God (Fana Fi’llah)

Fana (annihilation), which is the opposite of permanence, has connections with some of the other concepts in Sufism. For example, sincere repentance requires annihilating one’s resistance to acknowled... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Omer Yildiz

Stages of Sleep

Experiments have proved lack of sleep as a cause of death. Lab mice that are deprived of sleep for three to four consecutive days eventually die. Lack of sleep for a long period of time, especially wh... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Sinem Akbulak

Mother’s Milk: An Essential Gold Standard for Our Babies

To this day, natural breast milk is still regarded as the best nutritional choice for babies. Recent research on stem cells, genetics, and epigenetics [1] from the last three decades, along with infor... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Maisie Bennett

Amazon: The Lungs of Our Earth

Beginning in July of 2019, the Brazilian Amazon rainforest has been up in flames, burning up the lush foliage and engulfing much of the wildlife, along with many Indigenous groups, in its fiery wake. ... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
April Estes

“Praise the Lord, I’m Bald”: Learning to Live Again

The worst thing about cancer they don’t tell you? The aftermath. The shock waves. It’s surviving the quick earthquake, only to find yourself dodging falling objects and electrical lines for the next... read more..

Issue 132 (Nov - Dec 2019)
Hikmet Isik

Being Preoccupied with the Truth

Question: “Those who are not preoccupied with elevated goals will be consumed by lowly troubles.” What needs to be understood from this statement? Answer: If a person is to be burdened by troubles, t... read more..

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