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Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Love for Knowledge

While attempting to obtain a love for knowledge and willpower to think, one must not overlook reality or disregard past experiences. One must relate to the “sense of reality” under the watch of reason... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Didem Firtina


The amiable koala (Phascolarctos cinereus), which can often be found sleeping while clinging on to trees, may resemble a teddy bear but is instead a herbivorous marsupial (marsupials are endemic to Au... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Felix Kaiza

Reflections on “The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View”

I have read numerous books and written reviews of some, but The Humanity of Muhammad: A Christian View gave me a special reflection treat thanks to the brilliance, effort, and integrity of Dr. Craig C... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Irfan Yilmaz

How Our Noses Can Sniff out Cancer (and Other Diseases!)

Every one of our five senses is unique in their own way. The miraculous sense of smell is pointed to in the famous story of Prophet Joseph when his father Prophet Jacob said, “I sense the fragrance of... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Allen S. Maller

Why Do Pious People Suffer?

For many people, especially in today's world, it is very hard to reconcile the personal, sometimes seemingly intolerable, suffering of admirable and pious people with Divine justice and love. Believer... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Hakan Oztunc

The Owl and Its Parabolic Face

Owls are known to be a symbol of wisdom throughout history in ancient Greece, Asia, and America. They are also unquestionably mysterious predators. This mystery derives from the math they seem to be u... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Bernadette & Daniel Skubik

Covid Resilience

The recent pandemonium enveloping us all unsheathes a swashbuckling double-edged sword advancing our retreat into global disconnect may our union reunite beating swords into plowshares... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Nahida Esmail

Everlasting in This World

Hi, my name is Everlasting. I know what you are thinking. What an absurd name, what a paradox, as no one can last forever except in paradise.  Well, I’m not sure who gave me the name, but I like it. I... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Absorption (Jam’) - 2

Absorption can never mean the unity of being—the unity (union) of God and the universe or God’s being identical with the universe—in the sense that pantheists claim, nor is distinguishing totally its ... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Nilufer Demir

Black Cumin

“Black cumin is healing for all diseases except death.” Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Studies on the positive effects of black cumin have a long history. Even a simple list of the titles of these studi read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Numan Erciyes

Safety Systems Unique to the Brain

Bennet Omalu[1] is a physician specialized as a forensic expert and pathologist, which means he examines the tissues and organs of dead people to determine their cause of death. One day, he was asked ... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Sarah Winter

Ibn al-Haytham’s Vision

He does not have a familiar name like Nicolaus Copernicus, Roger Bacon, or Galileo, but Ibn al-Haytham’s name is the reason that those aforementioned scientists carry the weight that they do today. A... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Thomas Michel

The Theological Dimension of the Thought of M. Fethullah Gülen (Part 2)

“Sincerity” in the Islamic Tradition Ikhlas is a Qur’anic concept that is variously translated as “sincerity” or “purity of intention,” and Gülen’s understanding of this term covers both aspects of t... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
Fethullah Gülen

Helping Others Without Seeking Recognition

Question: The need for affiliation and sense of belonging are human conditions, but they may sometimes overshadow charitable actions. What should believers do to engage in altruistic work with the int... read more..

Issue 141 (May - Jun 2021)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 141)

More, more, and more Adams GS et al. People systematically overlook subtractive changes. Nature, April 2021 A recent study showed that human beings are driven by a powerful instinct to add rather th... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 142): Fostering a Sense of Community

We are social creatures that depend upon one another for survival, happiness, and sustenance. On the macro level we work together to establish whole economies and societies, and at the micro level we ... read more..

Issue 143 (Sep - Oct 2021)
The Fountain

Editorial (Issue 143): Stories From Your Neighbors

Our world is more connected than ever before, yet at the same time we often remain strikingly distant from one another. Technology, careers, education, or other pursuits could all be to blame. The Pan... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Sensing Time Anew

For us to be able to fully perceive the holy days, it is first necessary that our spirits and consciences are ready to feel such music and poetry from the heavens and beyond. Those whose inner depths,... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Brian Turk


Think of a kitchen. This kitchen has a blender for blending, an oven for cooking, a fridge for cooling, utensils for eating, a dishwasher for cleaning, pans for frying, jars for storing, peelers for p... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Gurkan Polat

The Middle Way

Democritus (460-370 BC), an ancient Greek philosopher, described the human being as “a world in miniature” akin to a microcosm. A human being is an image of the cosmos (macrocosm) that surrounds us by... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Naim Yilmaz


Vaccination becomes a part of our lives at a very early age. We start getting our shots in the first few months after we are born, when we start school, during flu season, or when a pandemic such as C... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Irfan Yilmaz

Is That a Spider Riding a Balloon?

In 1832, 100 km off the coast of Argentina, Charles Darwin observed numerous tiny crimson spiders, sized 2-3 mm, riding the breeze from the sea and then sticking onto the ropes and sails of the HMS Be... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
M. Fethullah Gulen

Distinguishing (Farq)

In the language of Sufism, farq (distinguishing) has been interpreted as making a clear distinction between unity and multiplicity. To give a longer and more explicit definition, distinguishing means ... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Thomas Michel

The Theological Dimension of the Thought of M. Fethullah Gülen (Part 3)

The terms translated in English as “worship,” “servanthood,” and “devotion” are taken from Arabic and possess a long history in the Islamic tradition. In particular, they have been commented upon by S... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Mehmet Ramazanoglu

Between Light and Darkness

The famous Greek physician Galen of Pergamon (129-200 CE) used to organize picnics and camps for himself and his patients on what is now called Kozak Plateau near Bergama in present-day Turkey, famous... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
M. Fethullah Gulen

A Nightingale’s Song

With the fire of grief, ever burning inside, This humble heart of mine cherishes you day and night. *** With its grief and worries plunging into sweet dreams, My heart aches, O please, look at this ... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Numan Erciyes

Oranges and …

When I visited Thailand years ago, I had the pleasure of tasting about 20 different types of exotic, tropical fruits like pineapple and mango, some of which were first in my life. Each had a unique co... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
Olivia Langford

We Began as Strangers

“Quick, the cord’s wrapped around her neck. Twice!” I remember my numb feet in the stirrups. I remember the nurses on either side of me. I remember seeing my baby’s little purple head in the mirror, ... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
The Fountain

The Sultan of This World and the Next

Question: What are the points to be considered while seeking to have a fair perspective of Prophet Muhammad? There are extensive literature and sources that explore the different aspects of the noble... read more..

Issue 142 (Jul - Aug 2021)
The Fountain

Science Square (Issue 142)

Is hair graying reversible? Rosenberg et al. Quantitative mapping of human hair greying and reversal in relation to life stress. eLife, June 2021. A new study has found that the old rumor about why ... read more..

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